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My name is Vivian. Growing up I've always been into creating and art. As well as stationary, still obsessed with it now by the way haha. Now I'm a mother to a wonderful boy who keeps me on my toes. Staying home with him has allowed me to get back into my creativity and thus here we are. The support of my husband, family, and clients has allowed me to make it this far.

We are a small bakes and party goods shop. Sugarbursst Party Collective started off as just a custom cookie shop and is growing more each day. Our baked goods are handmade with love + are party supplies are packaged with ♡.

Inspired by my mother's creativity, the one who can do it all. Her ability to create special moments, share the love, and bring so much happiness for my family and I. Whether it was our birthdays, decorating the house together or shopping for decor for the holidays. As a mother I do this for my family now..the content creating + putting together little details to make our home and holidays more intimate and "cute" as I say.  We hope to do the same for you, to help bring the joy, love +  happiness to your celebration. To help create special memories. 

Stay Sweet and party on!